The stunning views of the endless Mediterranean sea

the world-renowned Greek sunset, the aura, and the energy of the location, will give you a sense of Cycladic freedom from the very first moment you enter the premises. While the simple décor and lounge music create a relaxed Aegean environment, the open-concept restaurant is an ideal canvas for your lunch, dinner, or drink..

Welcome to Agora Riviera Restaurant

In the heart of the Athenian Riviera, we, the team at “Agora Riviera”, look forward to hosting your romantic dinner, private event, luncheon, or reception. We guarantee to make them unique and unforgettable.

Considered a beloved summer destination

“Agora Riviera”, is well-equipped to cater to your every need even in the heart of winter, without losing its unique island atmosphere. Our location is fitted with open-air awnings that can be open or closed to your preferences, based on any inclement weather, rain, or shine, for enjoyment during all seasons.

The Mediterranean cuisine of «Agora Riviera»“, is centered on authentic Greek traditional dishes with a modern take on seafood creations. Daily caught wild fish and other seafood specialties are available. Enjoy authentic Mediterranean vegetarian, and vegan cuisine. All meals have been paired with exquisite wines and liqueurs to enhance your dining experience.


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694 60 16 830

Our venue is perfect for dinner with friends, business tables or for special events. We can enchant your guests with our unique flavors. There are many menu options for receptions such as wedding, christening, birthday.

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